NCTC is now a 501 C3 non profit and can accept donations and grants from Corporations and private individuals. This money will be used to update our Telecom equipment,and Help fund students that can’t qualify for grants or student loans.

NCTC has partnered with Texas State Technical College in Rosenberg Texas.
Our first class will start July 8th. Call 936-217-3275 to reserve a seat or get more details. The class size is limited to 10 people.
If you attended NCTC and need a Transcript of grades, fill out the contact form and the year you attended and we will send it to you.

National Leader In Fiber Optics Training – Houston, Texas

NCTC offers a three week course for our day time classes and a 6 week course for our evening classes, both were designed to give our students intensive hands-on fiber optics training in fiber optic installation and category 5e/6 cabling, we get them certified and prepare them for a fast paced career in the fiber optic industry. Our Houston, Texas program consists of 75% hands on fiber optics training and 25% theory. Upon completion of our Certified Fiber Optics Training Program, graduates receive two certifications, one from the Fiber Optics Training Association and one from Draka. Draka is the second largest fiber optic cable manufacturer in the world. We provide help with job placement and resume creation for every student and a complete fiber optic/copper technician tool kit.

Take hold of your future with Fiber Optics Training! Call 936-217-3275.

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Get Certified In Fiber Optics!

Graduates are certified by the Fiber Optics Training Association and Draka Fiber Optics as Certified Fiber Optics Technicians.


Work with the latest fiber technologies.

Students will get trained on the latest fiber optic practices using industry leading equipment.

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We help with job placement.

Upon completion of our fiber optic technician program, all students get help with job placement.

Mission Statement

Committed to Training Qualified Technicians!
National Communications Training Centers (NCTC) is committed to training qualified fiber optics technicians to meet the needs of a fast-growing, highly technical fiber optic field. The “hands on” approach used throughout the school program supports student success. (Read More)