A Sumitomo Electric’s fusion splicer is the ideal choice for increasing splicing efficiency in the field. From the core network to the last mile of FTTx networks, there’s a Sumitomo Electric fusion splicer that fits any application. Our service and maintenance providers are available worldwide, and will help keep your fusion splicers in pristine condition. Our fusion splicers offer superior performance thanks to our three main concepts that are included in each splicer: Low-Loss Accuracy, Smart AI Technology and Precise fiber recognition. These concepts are an integral part of all of our fusion splicers that network integrators have learned to trust since the 1980’s.

Selecting guide:

The number one thing to know about fusion splicers: how to choose one depending on the job at hand. A number of perspectives on how to choose a fusion splicer are given below. Please refer to this when choosing one of our fusion splicers for purchase.

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