Stafford is a city in the state of Texas, part of Fort Bend County. It’s a really good place, according to the residents who are consistently happy with the way things are in Stafford. It is safe, diverse, and unique. No doubt one of the most desirable places to live in Texas.

Living in Stafford, Texas

Living in Stafford means sharing the family and community values of the residents. Everyone knows everyone in the community, and people look out for each other. It is this involvement in the community that contributes to the safety of the area.

Stafford retains its small-town charm despite being a developed city. Residents enjoy a high standard of living, with institutions meeting the high standards of residents. The Fort Bend County school district is highly rated and ensures the children get a quality education for free. For this reason, many families move to Stafford to be able to send their children to school in one of its great schools.

Things to Do in Stafford, Texas

The values of Stafford residents are consistently on display when visiting Cullinan Park, which is one of the gems of the area. Picture spending time in the splendor of nature — beautiful plants, flowers, and relaxing views. It is a place Stafford locals go to get away from the hustle and bustle they experience at work. Another favorite is Kitty Hollow Park where Stafford parents bring their children for the slides and see-saws and their dogs for some serious playtime. There is a pond that is refreshing to spend time in.

For arts and culture enthusiasts, there is Fort Bend Theater, where locals go to enjoy various plays and performances. Stafford residents have a taste for the dramatic as evident in the kind of plays that are performed here.

For kids’ enjoyment, there is Fun-Plex Amusement Park, where they can enjoy being a kid. Airplane rides, go-karts, bowling, and an arcade are just some of the features of the amusement park.

Fiber Optic Technician Training Program in Stafford, Texas

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