Just 15 miles south of Houston, Texas is Richmond, a city steeped in history. Also called Fort Bend because a fort was built at the Brazos River’s end. In 1837, it became incorporated by the Republic of Texas and was aptly named after a place in England. If you go around Richmond, you will find well-preserved historic homes, remnants of its history.

The best times to visit Richmond are March, April, and October. But if you like warm weather, July and August are not so bad. Richmond is a city that continues to grow, it has a diverse economy, and living here is generally affordable compared to other cities in Texas.

Living in Richmond

Richmond residents are happy living in their beautiful homes, sending their children to excellent schools, and the comparatively easy commute they take to work. The city has a strong family culture and a great sense of community. The community values arts and culture and with diversity, locals continually contribute to the rich local culture. The streets are clean and there is abundant greenery. Noise, traffic, a high cost of living and high taxes are not among the worries of Richmond residents. It’s difficult getting bored in Richmond, what with the variety of shops, restaurants, and historic attractions.

Richmond Activities

Much of the entertainment centers around Richmond’s history and heritage. For instance, George Ranch Historical Park, 23,000 acres of land of preserved Fort Bend County history. It is a working ranch that is a rich lesson in history. Moreover, there’s the Fort Bend Museum to discover the life of early settlers on the Brazos River.

Another must-visit is Jones Stock Farm and Heritage Trail, which takes you back, as far back as the 1830s. What makes October a good month to visit is that the annual Texian Market Days are held this month, where you get to experience what it was like for the pioneers.

Plus, what is a visit to Texas without tasting true meat-falling-off-the-bone Texas BBQ? Crowd favorites are Harlem Road Texas BBQ, The Swinging Door, and Galvan’s Sausage House And BBQ. Enjoy listening to live music in Lone Star Saloon, which has a storied history.

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