Fiber Optic – Broadband Technician Program

32 hours

NCTC offers both day and evening classes. To get the next class start date, please contact the school at 936-217-3275.

Questions? Please contact us at 936-217-3275 or email us at

We cannot wait for you to start your new career journey!

Houston Schedule

Month Date
January 10th to 13th

Now offering Weekend classes

For those that can’t attend classes during the week, NCTC will do classes on Saturday and Sunday, but must have a minimum of 6 students in the class. If you want a weekend class, fill out the Contact us page and indicate you would like a weekend class. As soon as we have 6 people we will contact you to set up the class. A $100.00  Dollar deposit will be required to save you a seat for a weekend class.

*Class schedules are subject to change.

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