Sugar Land is one of the most affluent cities in Texas. Initially founded as a sugar plantation, hence the name “Sugar Land,” the city has exploded into a great success with many industries that contribute to its booming economy and vibrant community. Sugar Land continues to grow and attract people from all over the country.

Today, Sugar Land is a family-friendly, family-centric suburb replete with shops, restaurants and finance, arts, culture, and event centers, and sprawling parks.

Living in Sugar Land, Texas

Residents of Sugar Land enjoy a high standard of living, great amenities are available and the locals are happy with their lives. It is a city that has managed to retain its small-town feeling where people still believe in small-town values. The modern planned communities are beautiful and well-maintained. However, a community design is nothing without its greatest building block — a strong sense of community. And Sugar Land is known for that.

Sugar Land also draws in people who are looking to start a family. Sugar Land falls in the catchment of a much-desired Fort Bend school district. Plus, residents can rest easy knowing their family members are safe, as Sugar Land has a very low crime rate. Residents of Sugar Land may have high standards, but everything the city has to offer continues to satisfy them.

Things to Do in Sugar Land

The Houston Museum of Natural Science Sugar Land will satisfy the curiosity of any science and history buff. Expect dinosaurs, a saltwater aquarium, fossils, and a 10-foot globe, just to name a few. As for parks, Sugar Land has no shortage, with Lost Creek Park, Duhacsek Park, and Imperial Park.

The epicenter of activity is Sugar Land Town Square, from places to eat to free concerts to special events, everything happens in the town square. Locals shop for fresh produce at Farmer’s Market at Imperial.

Getting out of the city, Houston is just a forty-five-minute drive away. For those wishing for more entertainment options.

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