What used to be a quiet town has grown to develop a city vibe. Residential and commercial construction is booming in Conroe. Located 40 miles above Houston and technically still within Houston, it strikes the perfect balance between city-life and country-life. You get what you seek: if quiet time is what you like, then it provides you the perfect setting to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Houston. If you are looking for activity, Conroe still delivers and provides opportunities for fun and excitement. The Lone Star Hiking Trail is popular among locals and visitors.

Here are the things you can expect from Conroe: huge forests, pristine lakes, sprawling fruit farms, and local breweries. Amenities are also plenty of hospitals, malls, restaurants, independent and artisanal shops. A popular spot is the B-52 Brewing Company, which produces a wide range of craft beers. The hub of activity is found in downtown Conroe. The downtown is beautiful with historic buildings, and there is always something happening regardless of the time of day.

Sceneries abound in Conroe and recreational activities include fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, and golfing. Must-visits include the 7 Acre Wood park, which has a petting zoo, miniature golf course, and playgrounds. If you’re into fishing, there’s Lake Conroe Park, with a barbecue pit, where you can grill with the family and eat your food on the picnic grounds. It’s an outdoor playground with activities that not only boost you physically but also mentally. Sam Houston National Forest is home to a number of animal species and anyone with a passion for wildlife.

However, indoor activities include going to the theatre and galleries. Notable mentions include the Campobello Bronze Fine Art Studio and Gallery, where you can feast your eyes to the magnificent bronze works of a local Conroe native and artist. If you’re into theatre, the Crighton Theatre is where to go, housed in a historic building in the heart of downtown. And if you ever feel like seeing more attractions, downtown Houston is just a short drive away.

Fiber Optic Training School in Conroe, Texas

Many who are looking to work in Houston live in stay in Conroe. If this sounds like you and you’re looking to increase your knowledge and training in the field of fiber optics,  National Communications Training Centers (NCTC) Fiber offers a highly adaptable curriculum available in daytime and nighttime.

NCTC Fiber graduates students that go on to become leaders in the field of fiber optic. With our hands-on curriculum, you can graduate and receive a certification for any of the following specialties:

  • Fiber installers
  • Fiber splicer technicians
  • Data cable technicians
  • CAT 5/6 installers
  • Telephone PBX and key systems installers
  • Assemblers of fiber cable
  • Repairers, testers and inspectors of fiber installations

NCTC Fiber is conveniently located in Houston, with a high and consistent demand for fiber optics technology jobs. For a pathway to a new and rewarding career, we provide you an alternative to the traditional college system. To know more about our fiber optic training program in Houston, call NCTC Fiber at 1-713-540-9590 or email us at nctcfiber@gmail.com.

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