Spring is a large city complex located in Harris County, Texas with a diverse economy, many entertainment options, and affordable cost of living. At first glance, Spring may seem like there is not much going on, and it may even be ordinary. However, residents of Spring have a high standard of living. It is diverse, safe, and affords residents peace and quiet that they seek. It’s not all quiet but it is not party central either, it’s a little bit of both. But definitely a place anyone family-oriented can call home. The job market is vibrant, which many opportunities for anyone looking for a job. The Spring community is one of its strengths and the people are friendly, ready to lend a helping hand and look out for one another.

A very good home or apartment can be had in Spring for way less. It’s well-located too, not too far from the city and close to shopping and recreational areas like The Woodlands Mall, the Woodlands Waterway, and the beautiful and historic Old Town Spring. A very beautiful part of downtown Spring, it has many boutiques, antique shops, custom leather shops, eateries, sweets shops, and galleries. Live music lovers can’t miss Puffabelly’s, which is housed in an old train depot or knock back a beer or sip on wine at the Old Town Spring Tasting Room and Envy Wine Room. Smoked barbecue, pork ribs, and brisket lovers drop by Corkscrew BBQ.

An old town has got to home some ghosts, right? Find out for yourself when you go on an Old Town Spring Wild West Town Ghost Tour. There are annual festivals in Spring, such as the Autumn Art & Texas Wine Festival, Springfest, Texas Crawfish & Music Festival and Home for the Holidays festival.

Fiber Optics Training School in Spring, Texas

A well-trained Fiber Optics Technician is in high demand in Texas, and National Communications Training Centers (NCTC) has decided to meet this demand. As the state continues to be a hub of various industries, the proper maintenance of the fiber optic systems has never been more important.

NCTC offers a 4-day training course. What sets us apart from other fiber optic schools is our dedication to providing our students the chance to apply what they’ve learned. Fiber optics training at NCTC is a combination of 75 % hands-on approach and 25 % theory, using real-world examples and the most advanced industry equipment and techniques.

After you graduate from our training program, you will have the training required in a fast-paced career in the fiber optic industry. Our teachers are experienced in the field of fiber optics and have seen it all. We strive for excellence and graduate students who become leaders in the field of fiber optics.

When you complete our Certified Fiber Optics Training Program, you receive the Fiber Optics Training Association certification and another from Draka, which is the largest fiber optic cable manufacturer in the world. Lastly, we help our students with job placement in Texas.

For your convenience, our fiber optics training center is located in Houston. Are you ready for an exciting and challenging career path? Are you ready to take your knowledge of fiber optics to the next level?

For more information about our courses and curriculum, call NCTC Fiber at 1-713-540-9590 or send us an email at nctcfiber@gmail.com.

If you are ready to take hold of your future with Fiber Optics Training, please contact us.

We are very excited to bring you to the next level!